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This platform was created to unite the body of Christ, and give God the glory He deserves. Our testimonies hold power. Power to strengthen, encourage, guide, and represent who we are in Christ. On this page we would love for all of you to share the beautiful things Jesus did in your life. 

They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony. Revelation 12:11

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A couple months ago, I got into a pretty bad car accident. All glory to God, I was alive and healthy, and so were the other people in the car. Prior to this accident, I had some pain in my back. Unfortunately, it got worse after the crash. A couple of weeks later, a friend of mine suggested to pray a prayer of healing. We went into this prayer with full faith, and you know what happened? Our God took all the pain away- even from before the accident! I haven’t had any pain ever since. Through this, I learned how powerful and able our God is. Matthew 19:26 says- “But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” He was able to take away the pain that I thought would stay with me forever. With the car flipping over completely, there were so many things that could’ve went differently. All glory to God!

Elena Mere

“Earth has no sorrow that Heaven can’t heal”. The meaning behind this hoodie itself holds a personal story to me. A little over 7 months ago, I lost my mom to a cardiac arrest. She had battled End Stage Renal Disease for 2.5 years, and within that battle, developed diabetes and when a person battles both, their life expectancy decreases immensely. For those patients, it’s roughly 5-10 years after diagnosis. She hit the mark way earlier.

After losing her, I allowed the enemy to place bitterness in my heart. I thought He was going to heal her, but she passed away. In my understanding, it was going to be a physical healing. But God knows better, and maybe just, maybe, His plan was to heal her physically, but she wanted to go Home to Him, and He gave her just that. You know how when God wanted to destroy the Israelites and Moses pleaded to God to not destroy them? God did not end up destroying them. Maybe that’s just what He did to my mom. She was exhausted, and I know this battle was difficult to handle. Maybe God took her because she asked. But I believe she knew she was leaving this earth.

There are things that we don’t completely understand, but it doesn’t mean God doesn’t hear us, and left us. He is still good!

The bitterness caused me to stop my seeking Him. I couldn’t worship. I couldn’t read the Bible. It was heavy. It lasted i would say, approximately a month. Within that time, I went to visit a close friend in Dallas, Texas. We attended a service at Upperroom on a Sunday, and I just remember feeling broken, and having the desire to seek Him and crying my eyes out, but also overflowing with grief of missing my mom at the same time. I just felt like I couldn’t. I just couldn’t.


He did. Over time, He dissolved that bitterness. All of it. My walk with God has always been a little push and pull, but He ended up doing great things in my life after that, and I know He is not done yet. He has a plan for my life, and it will come into fulfillment, because He is a God who follows through with His promises.

He healed my heart from this loss. Grief comes in waves still, and I still don’t concretely understand why He took her, but I know for sure, that He knows better than we do because He knows the depths of our hearts. Maybe I’m not meant to understand right now. But He IS and ALWAYS will be a GOOD and FAITHFUL God.

He healed my earthly sorrow.

Marina Babenko

He is always and forever good! He deserves all praise and Glory! Growing up I never knew God, I only knew of Him. When to church all of my life. At the age of 14 I encountered the Lord for the first time ever. He is so good. As time passed things got really difficult in my house hold and my dad became a drug addict and an alcoholic, my mom became depressed, everyone in the family was depressed and Things got pretty bad at home. Those are just the service level of things. I started to self harm and at some point attempted to commit suicide, but failed. Praise the Lord!
I remember sitting on the floor in my room and crying and my grandma came in and was trying to calm me down and I told her if God really did exist, He wouldn’t Allow these things to happen.

There was hope. My grandma was one of the biggest prayer warriors in our family! She was the one that always stood in prayer for our family and I believe that by the grace of God and by her prayers my life, my families lives turned around!

God came into my family and my life and shifted things completely! He changed my life, He changed my dads life, He changed all of my families lives; one by one. I gave my life to Him. He set my dad free.
It did take years but it was worth the wait. He came and He did what He does best; take the broken and mend it whole.

I encourage you to hold onto Him. Hold tight in every situation, this is a small part of how much more God did in my life. He is faithful always, always! I’ll leave you with this Bible verse as in encouragement to you.

“It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.””
‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭31:8‬


The Lord is SO good. His power is never ending. My heart has been restored because of His goodness and I will never stop sharing His name because He is our savior, our father, our healer, our everlasting love. My God has shown mercy and grace, and continues to even as we fall into sin. I am a living testimony to His power. I could probably write novels of how glorious the Lord is and how faithful He has been to me, but I’ll just share a small testimony for now.
As a child, I endured many adversities, including the loss of my baby brother, molestation, and other burdensome struggles. Because of the various hardships that I was met with, it led to depression and anxiety. This really showed up in my early teen years, and I was hit with overwhelming pain. I couldn’t comprehend why I had gone through what I had, I could’t understand what the purpose of it all was, and I couldn’t figure out why I needed to continue on. I went through long periods of feeling emotionally drained and being unable to pull myself together. I was falling apart, and I didn’t want to be.
Somewhere in those dark times, I remembered the Lord. It wasn’t that I had necessarily forgotten Him, but in a way I had. Yes, I grew up in the church, and I supposedly served the Lord, but not all of me had surrendered. So much of it was just routine and not a true act of service. As Psalm 77 says, “My soul refused to be comforted”. I ached for healing, I ached for joy, I was urgently seeking to be rescued from my misery, but I was unwilling to open my eyes and understand what was before me. I had sought relief in so many other aspects of life, but at its source it was all worldly, it was all temporary.
But when I remembered the Lord, I remembered His hand. I remembered my pain, and then my eyes were opened to His protection in each time of distress. When my brother lay dead, my Lord gave me peace and allowed me to be a light to my parents. When I was molested repeatedly, my Lord used me as living evidence of survival and strength to make me be able to talk to other young kids who were abused and to show them love. When I was ready to take my life, my Lord showed me the beauty of life and allowed me to call out to my friends who were also ready to end theirs and keep them, and me, alive.
God had not left me, not even for one second. He was with my through my scariest moment, He endured it with me. He stayed by me, and even when I was not willing to see His love, He kept me held close to Him. My Jesus endured it all for me, even though I was such a sinner, and then He stayed by my side when I was walking through the dark. I didn’t understand it when I was younger, but the Holy Spirit was always guiding my ways. He would tell me when something was off, He would nudge me when I shouldn’t go a certain place, and He would give me wisdom when I ended up somewhere I shouldn’t have been. When I would listen to Him, my life would begin to heal.
The heavy truth is that we live in fallen world, that we will be struck with opposing forces all around us. Yet, the most marvelous truth is that Jesus loves us. That what was meant for evil, God turns to good. Nothing that is thrown at us will ultimately win if our foundation is in the Lord. We are going to face opposition as there is a spiritual war raging on, but the Lord uses our experiences as testimonies. If we allow Him to enter into our lives, nothing can be against us and we will overcome the battles. The ultimate fact is that there is an eternal life after this one, and the pain we endure on earth will be gone there if we believe in Jesus and give Him our life, if we repent of our sins and turn to Him.
I now know that our mighty King is more powerful and wise than we could ever comprehend, and that’s a good thing because we know our Creator is one who is in control, life doesn’t have to be fought alone He doesn’t let a single moment be wasted. As I continue experiencing life, I continue to be blown away by His goodness and faithfulness. He continues to show His hand in my life, and I continue to fall in awe of how good our Father is.
Don’t wait to give your life to Him, don’t let your soul refuse Him and His comfort. Remember the Lord, and allow Him to show you His hand.
Our Lord is so good, and He wants to restore your heart.
Thank you Jesus.

Yana Yasinskaya

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