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His Robe Hoodie

His Robe Hoodie

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Male model is wearing XL. Female models are wearing size L and M. 

If only I touch the hem of His robe, I will be healed. 

During a dark season of my life I  grabbed onto the hem of the robe of Jesus. With the little hope I had, I gave it my all. I knew If I would just hold on to the hem of His robe I would be healed. And here I am standing on the other side, only by the grace of God. He is a redeemer, He is a healer, He is a restorer. He is everything He says He is. 

There was a time many years ago when a lady who struggled with the issue of blood for 12 years made her way through a large crowd to grab the hem of the robe of Jesus. 

When I read this Bible story I see the desperation the women had. I see a heart full of faith. But you know what? The women could have been discouraged, frustrated, and doubtful. After all, it's been 12 years of spending her life savings. But instead she took it by faith. 

Maybe this is for you. Maybe you have been seeking healing for years and years. I’m not talking just physical healing, this includes emotional, or traumatic experiences. You can find every reason to be frustrated with God. Or you can grab on to the hem of His robe and be healed. 

Every time you say I am healed it’s a declaration of faith. 

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